Today More Than Ever..

The emasculation of man has been prevalent in society for decades.

Today, more than ever, men suffer a lack of self-confidence.

Unsure of their worth.

Unclear what it means to be a man.

They have lost their way in the world.

Look around…

You see:

Spiteful bosses,

Wife beaters,

Drug dealers,

"Yes" men,

Domesticated “puppy dog” boyfriends,

Corrupt politicians,

Unfaithful partners,

Fathers who never make time for their kids…

It gets worse. Because these identities men adopt lead to critical problems such as:





Domestic abuse


Chronic disease

Alcohol & drug addiction



These are all symptoms of men losing touch with their True Masculine energy.

All men who are still little boys on the inside. They were brought up with no mature men in their life. No idea of what true masculinity looks like.

Hostility, control and aggression are NOT strength. Those are signs of weakness, and a cry for help. The little boy just wants to be seen.

Men are suffering.

They are given little to no encouragement.

No HEALTHY masculine role models

What made this situation even worse, is that:

We’ve been taught masculinity is ‘wrong’ and not to trust our instincts.

Confused by being surrounded by emasculated men and over-masculated women.

The mainstream idea of ‘masculinity’ is false… toxic… and is NOT true masculinity.

Misguided by celebrity and sport ‘role models’.

There has been created a warped idea of what a man is.

At the same time, women have gained in social stature, and many men have felt threatened by this, uncertain of their place and significance.

There is an epidemic of men experiencing disempowerment & a lack of purpose.

Relationships with women in their life range from unfulfilled, to synthetic (even paid-for), to violent and harmful.

His relationships with partners, mother, sisters, and all other females in his life will be impacted by this conditioning (not only intimate relationships).

Not only has the masculine been suppressed, but also the true feminine divine has been disguised. The disruption of the True Feminine in the women around him leads to further confusion of how to be and act.

What most people don’t realize is that there are THREE ‘levels’ of masculine energy.

The “alienated” masculine… where there is a distinct lack of masculine energy. This man become more effeminate.

There is the “inflated” masculine. . . where this man is controlled by his unconscious patterns of ego, and oppressive in his nature.

The third, and final level of masculine is the True, or Divine Masculine. The healthy balance. The conscious man who understands his true energy - and also understands the energy of the true feminine. He is aware of his male responsibilities and his masculine energies.

The true masculine is what we’re missing in today’s world. This is the problem.

What we’re left with is the vast majority of men falling into the first two types:

Alienated masculinity… or inflated masculinity.

In “real world” terms…

This is the coward… and the bully.

These two types of men seem completely different… yet they’re actually two sides of the same coin…. Let’s explore these two types, how they manifest in your life…