‘The Bully’ - The False (“Shadow”) Masculine

This is what society has been conditioned to believe is masculine, but it is a warped version.

As such, it is ‘false’.

As a generalization, think of the “macho-man”, the “hard-man”, the “alpha males”, particular sports stars or rap-artists are admired by many young males as being the embodiment of masculine.

I must be careful in my definitions here because there are often SUBTLE differences between men who are True Masculine and False Masculine.

And the difference, for most, is hard to tell.

That’s because many True Masculine men will do the some of the things and have some of the things that the False Masculine will.

However, it is the energy and way of being BEHIND attaining those things and doing those things that make the difference.

As an example, envision an aggressive, almost bully-like man who commands his way, and coerces people through fear (not respect).

This is the typical False (Shadow Masculine).

However, without context and higher understanding, most of society has come to believe this is the true embodiment of masculinity.

As a result, young men everywhere attempt to replicate the thing these men have, and the things they do, in an attempt to ‘become’ masculine.

Get flash cars, show off money, abuse status, abuse other people, demand respect.

The confusion occurs because the False Masculine appears to demonstrate masculine traits – such as action, assertiveness and strength.

However, the KEY difference is that the False Masculine man is NOT strong.

His actions are actually demonstrations of insecurity.

A cry for help from the little boy still trapped inside.

Lashing out from an unconscious ego in pain.

The False Man wants to DO and HAVE things that will make him feel (BE) ‘the man’.

So his actions are coming from a negative, and insecure place (
even though they appear outwardly confident).

This man’s life is dominated by a desperate need for significance and validation.

He is ambitious to the point of willingly stepping on others to get what he craves.

It’s always a competition.

He uses fear… manipulation… corruption of power to get what he wants.

Keep this in mind while we explore the other warped side of masculinity…

‘The Coward’ - The Emasculated Man

This man is emasculated, and a completely stifled by social conditioning.

The majority of the male population is living this way.

It is your typical average, frustrated excuse-making man, reacting to the world and failing to live a life of any real meaning, significance or contribution.

Always has excuses.

Always criticises others who are taking action.

He’s constantly living in fear of what others think of him.

As such, he hides away… avoids public places…

Pushes people away from him so they don’t find out the truth.

He is too afraid to tell people what he feels… so he resorts to passive aggressive techniques instead.

Once again, the list of symptoms in the world are directly associated with men living in one of these two forms of insecurity.

Depression, murder, suicide, rape, domestic abuse, bullying, chronic disease, gang culture, alcohol & drug addiction. .  .

You can see by now, that men have lost their way.

The good news is there IS a solution to this. There is a way to find your TRUE masculine self again. We all can. And when we do, society as we know it will transform.

But before we explore the solution… an important question still needs to be answered…

WHY Are We In This Mess? How Did We End Up Here?

If we are to apply the solution to create true, healthy, masculine KINGS once again… we must first understand what caused this to happen in the first place.

How have we lost our natural way and become un-naturally passive and pessimistic?

Here’s where it gets extremely interesting…