On Being a Warrior

There are a lot of mixed messages in our western world directed at men- creating a lot of confusion.

Little boys are now commonly heard asking if it’s somehow wrong to be a man.

The damage is tremendous and we are still going to see its effect in generations to come. The future isn’t female, it is everyone’s. The world needs to be in balance, with both masculine and feminine energy coming into full potential, flowing from whole, loved, hearts.

When a man’s inner wounded child, or inner little boy is made wrong in his identity- whether through the onslaught of negative messages directed at men and masculinity today – or simply because he grew up in a home where his power, strength, direction and little masculine soul was smothered by –

A mother without boundaries who invaded his space as a little man.
A father who hid and ran from the family, abandoning instead of leading….

This can lead a man’s inner boy to paralysis in the face of certain challenges-

and in comes Peter Pan Syndrome, or the eternal summer.

Floating all cares away by not growing up, or remaining non-committal, numbing out with alcohol and substances, or projecting on to women his own sense of inadequacy, seeking validation from them.

Under the wounded little boy’s framework, growing up internally means loss of freedom and his inner wild power and masculinity.

Growing up means subjugation and quiet desperation.

However the first place a man has to be a warrior for- is himself.

Fighting for himself.

For his own Soul’s wholeness and freedom.

For regaining his sense of self, boundaries and his real identity.

He has to be willing to fight for his right to remain emotionally alive, for his passions and dreams to gain ground, for his own heart to find its worth and not let others invade it with mixed messages, control, smothering.

He has to learn how to decide what comes in and what goes out- his own boundaries…..Where he begins and the ends, and where his Kingdom begins and grows.

How his power goes out, how it comes in.
How toxicity goes out, how it comes in.
How inaction and low energy go out and what comes in.

His first responsibility is to protect himself until he is rooted and grounded in his place in the world, able to now only survive but thrive, authentically from the inside out.

The the world mirrors that respect back.

Then he finds his true masculinity.

Then he becomes a genuine, real, warrior, because instead of trying to find that warrior outside of himself in movies, messed up leadership or toxic relationships, he finds his already intact warrior, within with his own brand of flavor and uniqueness and power.

Gio xo

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