The 4 Archetypes of Masculinity by Justin Devonshire

A useful model for remembering your true Masculine nature is that of the 4 Archetypes.
This is presented in the book, “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover“, by Robert Moore (published yr. 1990)
I believe it offers a great guide to discover more about your natural traits, as well as the typical ‘shadow’ sides we see.
Here’s a quick breakdown for you:
The 4 Archetypes represent the ‘sides’ that together create a fully embodied masculine man.
They are, as you’ve likely guessed by now: The King, The Warrior, The Magician, and The Lover


Represents your vision, your presence, your authority, and your generosity.
The part of you that builds its legacy. The other 3 archetypes lend their strengths to your full awakening as a true modern-day King.
Its also argued that each of these sides have two alternatives – an ‘inflated’ and an ‘alienated’ aspect.
For instance, if your ‘King’ personality is over-inflated, your personality would be that of a dictator, or tyrant.
He abuses his power.
On the other hand, the man who is alienated from his healthy King strength will find it hard to lead and make decisions alone. Moore calls it, “The Weakling Prince”, never seeing his true potential.
He is afraid of his power.


Represents your focus, drive, discipline, and strength.
The part of you that achieves and works hard, to create the King’s vision.
If your warrior side is ‘inflated’, it manifests as aggressively working too hard, burning yourself into the ground, and self-sacrificing.
The alienated Warrior leads to fear, lack of movement, lack of discipline, and no drive in life (most men in society are here, as you can guess).
The Healthy Warrior lends its strength and discipline to all other 3 archetypes.


Represents your aspects of intellect, sageness, insight and tutorage.
The inflated magician uses his intellect to manipulate people to do his bidding.
Whilst the alienated magician learns and learns… yet takes NO action. (your typical ‘keyboard warrior’ – who will always criticize the true men achieving success in life).
They are all knowledge, no experience. All content, but no context.
The Healthy Magician lends his intellect and insight to aid the King in translating the Vision into a tangible plan. The Magician then aids the Warrior in moving forward strategically and adeptly.


Represents your sensuality, sexuality, love, joy, emotional aspects.
The inflated lover becomes a user of women, using charms and wits to seduce, in order to ‘prove’ himself a man.
Whereas the alienated lover is disconnected, emotionally ‘unavailable’ and stuck in the realm of thinking and doing, with no fulfilment of FEELING.
A robot.
See if you can identify which of these archetypes are strength or weak in you.
And which do you embody most?
P.S. Diagram below will help you get more idea of this too.
By Justin Devonshire.
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