Why Men Are Angry Today by Giordana Toccaceli

The problems in society today largely stem from one key source: a lack of manhood.
A lack of masculinity.
Which is ironic, because the social narrative gaining most popularity is that its the presence of masculinity that’s at fault!
So then, we could say the truest cause of suffering is confusion about masculinity.
Either way, there is a problem, and you and I are part of it. We can contribute to the problem, or we can strive to be the solution.
Simple as that.
But let’s define this problem in deep, accurate terms, so we know we’re on the same page. . .

No Manhood Stems From No Fatherhood

The absence of fatherhood, or having a masculine role model in life, is at the heart of mens’ suffering today.
Most men receive no encouragement. No guidance. No experience of positive , embodied masculine energy.
Men don’t feel the power of true masculinity. They don’t know what self-worth feels like.
They don’t feel wanted, or needed by women.
They don’t know their role in society anymore.
In our grandfather’s era it was a simpler time to be a man. Social roles were firmly established. Men would provide and protect the women.
… but after the war, and to this day…
The women we meet have their own money.
Their own cars.
Their own career.
Some already have their own kids!

Men Have No Authority Today

No authority with their women.
No authority with their kids.
No authority over their income.
This is when men feel “trapped”.
When they feel no authority over the women, or other circumstance in their life, they feel like a slave.

Men Have No Sense Of Purpose, Or Vision In Life

Because man is struggling with his purpose, due to confusion over his role… he’s lost his identity and drive to cultivate.
Man has lost his own identity, so he seeks to base his self-image on that of celebrities, athletes, or other ‘characters’ that are more harmful than positive.
One of 3 three Core Ways of Being for a man is intention. A man keeps score of his contribution by what he does.
Without that sense direction, a man doubts his value and diminishes his self-worth.

Men Struggle to Live With, Or Commit To A Woman

… especially when she already has everything.
When she has money, freedom, security.
The man feels ‘trapped’ with this woman, because she’s providing for him. She’s mothering him.
And these men are afraid of any conflict or challenge to the relationship… or else they fear they’ll be put out on the street.
So they stay quiet. Say nothing of their gripes. Hold down their emotions. Stuff it inside.
And instead…. they build resentment.

Resentment Leads to Aggression & Violence

Domestic violence, or just passive aggression, comes from resentment and blame.
Resentment is suppressing your own inner wants, in order to maintain the status quo of your external circumstances.
Resentment is the mans way of transferring his pain to the women, or victims of his abuse.
He wants them to feel some of the same pain he feels. Men don’t feel secure, respected, or appreciated today.
Instead they are feminized.
They are threatened by women.
And they ACT like women!
Men are angry today. Very angry. Hence 90% of prison inmates are male.
Anger, resentment, blame.
Many men who’ve lost touch with their masculine want to blame women.
They lash out emotionally, and attack someone. Shoot someone. Hurt themselves.
(this is a feminized way of acting, by the way – on emotional impulse).
They blame women for not treating them like men.
They blame society for not telling them what to do, or how to do it.
But she doesn’t know. Women mostly aren’t aware of the problems in how they are acting towards men.
Women need help too! They have their own path back to pure embodied feminine to undergo. Gio Elena Tocca is helping thousands of woman find this path  as we speak. 
Yet we must play our part too.
You must lead her.
You must lead the women in your life – yes, even the women who you *think* are the cause of your pain and problems.
Because that’s what responsibility is.
Because SHE is not the source of your pain and suffering.
No, the negative emotions that trigger you are a reflection of the hurt and pain already inside you.
But she is helping you see it – as clear as the light of day!
Don’t you dare blame her for that.
Something I learned from Wayne Dyer changed my thinking on a LOT of things.
He said (paraphrasing):
We think soul-mates are the people that we have everything in common with, and get along great no matter what. ..
Actually, the best soul mates are the ones that make you angry and hurt – because they’re showing you all the areas of yourself that you have not yet mastered.
Applies to women (and all other events in life that trigger you).
I’m glad you are here, in this community.
Because we all have much to learn (or, remember) about who we are as men, and our true power.
You are worthy.
You have a vision and purpose inside of you.
You can feel needed by the women in your life.
It all starts with accepting that there may be some things you’ve forgotten, or misunderstand about masculinity.
And thats not easy for a man to do.
So, the fact that you’re here is a good sign to me.
We must all keep learning and remembering. Because we have big things to do and people to lead.
I have a partner to lead.
I have multiple businesses to lead.
I have employees to lead.
I have a young son to lead.
That’s why I make sure to remember and allow WHO I AM every single day. Why I keep studying more and more and more.
If you’re looking for the perfect place to start, I recommend our Modern Masculinity Manifesto.

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